Ta:Dahan (Taudaha)

You can reach this destination in various mediums like 2-wheeler, 4-wheeler or by foot.

1) By Foot:
One can reach Taudaha by foot from various directions. The following google map direction link will guide you to reach the Taudaha with the shortest route wherever you are:

2) By 2-wheeler:
The easiest route would be:
From Balkhu (Ring-Road):
Balkhu – Laboratory School – Chobhar Gate – Jal Binayak – Taudaha

If you are in Kirtipur, the shortest route would be:
From Panga:
Panga Dobato – Dhokasi – Lachhi – Dathal – Ya Cho: – Langol (Chhap) – Taudaha
From Nagaun:
Panga Dobato – Nagaun Dobato – Nagaun – Rarahil School – Ya Cho: – Langol (Chhap) – Taudaha

3) By 4-wheeler:

The easiest route from the 4-wheeler would be Chobhar Gate, since the other paths are not a comfort journey for 4-wheelers:
From Chobhar Gate:
Balkhu – Chobhar Gate – Laboratory School – Chbhar Gate – Jal Binayak – Taudaha