Bagh Bhairab Temple

There are various attractions towards Kwacho. Some of them are:

  • Bagh Bhairab Temple: Beautiful 3 storeyed temple of Bagh Bhairab along with various other temples surrounding it.
  • Sight Seeing: Like Uma Maheshwor Temple, As the temple is located on the top of the hill, mountains like Lantang, Sisapangma, Dorjelapka, Chowabhamare, Gaurishankar and many more can be seen on the north side of the temple. Likewisely, the view of entire Kathmandu Valley can also be seen. At night, the beautiful night scene of Kathmandu can be seen like the stars are twinkling on the ground from Bagh Bhairab.
  • Dev Pukhu: There is a pond in front of the gate of Bagh Bhairab Temple where ritual ceremonies are carried out on festive occasions and is also used for local purpose.