Ta:Dahan (Taudaha)

Taudaha is another important tourist center of Kirtipur Municipality. It is the only preserved lake in Kathmandu Valley.

The name Taudaha: is derived from, the Newar language Ta:Dahan, which means great lake. It is guessed that the total area of this lake is about eighty ropani of land, with its length having 500 meters, width 400 meters and depth twenty meters. There are seven corners of the pond. Many worshippers come there from different places to take holy bath on the occasions of the first day of Nepali New Year. As it lies beside the way to Dakshinkali, one of the famous tourist centers, many tourists get down from their vehicles and enjoy the view of the pond.

Taudaha is also popular for birdwatching since varieties species of birds are seen around the lake.



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